Open Map Location in Multiple Apps from MKMapView

You’ve probably seen in a lot of apps where tapping on a map location or address gives you the option to open that location in one of the map applications installed on your phone. Perhaps you tap on the address for an event in the Facebook app, and it gives... Read more »

Landing Your Next Gig

Earlier this year the startup I was working for unfortunately went the way a lot of startups do and closed its doors. I found myself back on the market again, and although I’m now happily employed I wanted to write about my experience and offer some potential tips to help... Read more »

Designing a Button Bar-Style UISegmentedControl in Swift

I’ve been working on a project and I wanted the neat “button bar-style” design for my UISegmentedControl, where there are no borders around the segments and there’s a small bar below the selected segment which moves when you choose a new segment. I found a couple of really good third-party... Read more »

Exploring Swift Closures

If you’ve done anything with Swift beyond the basics of the language, you’ve most certainly worked with closures. If you’ve fetched data from a URL, you probably used the dataTask function. func dataTask(with: URL, completionHandler: (Data?, URLResponse?, Error?) -> Void) The completionHandler take a closure that passes in the response... Read more »