Learning to Mock With Sketch, Part 2

Welcome back! Last time we started mocking out the Foursquare mobile app in Sketch, and when we stopped it was just starting to come together to look like the real thing. However, we were still missing some critical parts, including the logo, search input, and category tiles, as we see... Read more »

Learning to Mock With Sketch, Part 1

Recently I volunteered to help teach a group of engineers how to mock in Sketch, which is a graphic design tool mostly used for, surprise surprise, creating web and mobile mocks. Though it has similar tools and concepts as Photoshop or Illustrator, Sketch has a bit more focus on mocking... Read more »

Designing an iOS Pair Programming Interview

A little while back, I was asked to put together a small pair programming exercise for iOS candidates to work through during an interview to help highlight and demonstrate their skill set in relation to the tools and concepts used in my company’s iOS application. I thought it might be... Read more »

Component Interaction in Angular

One of the more interesting topics to delve into in Angular is comparing and contrasting the way directives and components communicate with one another in both OG Angular.js (Angular 1.x) and the newer versions (2+). For the sake of simplifying things, I’ll refer to Angular 1.x as Angular.js and version... Read more »