Designing a Button Bar-Style UISegmentedControl in Swift

I’ve been working on a project and I wanted the neat “button bar-style” design for my UISegmentedControl, where there are no borders around the segments and there’s a small bar below the selected segment which moves when you choose a new segment. I found a couple of really good third-party... Read more »

Exploring Swift Closures

If you’ve done anything with Swift beyond the basics of the language, you’ve most certainly worked with closures. If you’ve fetched data from a URL, you probably used the dataTask function. func dataTask(with: URL, completionHandler: (Data?, URLResponse?, Error?) -> Void) The completionHandler take a closure that passes in the response... Read more »

Bringing Behavior-Driven Development to XCode

As a former Ruby on Rails developer, anything I stumble upon that can give me a ride on the nostalgia train with what I’m currently working on will definitely grab my attention. All joking aside, as I continue to build on my iOS development experience, I couldn’t help hearing that... Read more »

Learning to Mock With Sketch, Part 2

Welcome back! Last time we started mocking out the Foursquare mobile app in Sketch, and when we stopped it was just starting to come together to look like the real thing. However, we were still missing some critical parts, including the logo, search input, and category tiles, as we see... Read more »