Landing Your Next Gig

Earlier this year the startup I was working for unfortunately went the way a lot of startups do and closed its doors. I found myself back on the market again, and although I’m now happily employed I wanted to write about my experience and offer some potential tips to help... Read more »

Designing a Button Bar-Style UISegmentedControl in Swift

I’ve been working on a project and I wanted the neat “button bar-style” design for my UISegmentedControl, where there are no borders around the segments and there’s a small bar below the selected segment which moves when you choose a new segment. I found a couple of really good third-party... Read more »

Exploring Swift Closures

If you’ve done anything with Swift beyond the basics of the language, you’ve most certainly worked with closures. If you’ve fetched data from a URL, you probably used the dataTask function. func dataTask(with: URL, completionHandler: (Data?, URLResponse?, Error?) -> Void) The completionHandler take a closure that passes in the response... Read more »

Bringing Behavior-Driven Development to XCode

As a former Ruby on Rails developer, anything I stumble upon that can give me a ride on the nostalgia train with what I’m currently working on will definitely grab my attention. All joking aside, as I continue to build on my iOS development experience, I couldn’t help hearing that... Read more »