10 Minutes of Code: Overriding UIViewController's loadView

I’ve really been focusing on building programmatic views lately, and one way of avoiding the Massive View Controller problem is by creating a subclass of UIView and overriding the mechanism in which a UIViewController loads its view. In this way the subviews and constraints setup can be extracted out of... Read more »

10 Minutes of Code

I’ll admit it, I’ve become a little lax in my blogging endeavors. It’s been a while since I’ve posted any in-depth articles due to time constraints, lack of brainstorming and research time, and perhaps some sheer laziness. Life gets in the way. However, I really do enjoy it both for... Read more »

Open Map Location in Multiple Apps from MKMapView

You’ve probably seen in a lot of apps where tapping on a map location or address gives you the option to open that location in one of the map applications installed on your phone. Perhaps you tap on the address for an event in the Facebook app, and it gives... Read more »