10 Minutes of Code: Enpdoint Testing With Express.js

My team at work was recently tasked with exposing an endpoint externally for a third-party service. The project serves as our API microservice, which I had built out a unit testing suite for a few months ago. We’ve been slowly “fleshing out” out our test cases for various support classes... Read more »

Flow types with React Relay and GraphQL

We’ve been doing some pretty cool stuff with JavaScript at my company, and I wanted to write about some of the tools we are using to “up JavaScript’s game”. Obviously JS has been exploding with all the new frameworks and packages to improve its versatility, and in terms of web... Read more »

10 Minutes of Code: Using i18next in React without react-i18next

I’ve been doing some work with internationalization and localization (mostly language translation) which I first addressed here. In my continuing work with using the react-i18next package, I ran into a few places where it wasn’t very easy to use the package’s <I18n /> component. This I18n component is significant because,... Read more »