10 Minutes of Code

I’ll admit it, I’ve become a little lax in my blogging endeavors. It’s been a while since I’ve posted any in-depth articles due to time constraints, lack of brainstorming and research time, and perhaps some sheer laziness. Life gets in the way. However, I really do enjoy it both for my own edification as well as sharing (hopefully) useful information to other programmers.

Even though I haven’t been blogging, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on a daily basis. In that time we all run into “roadblocks” that we might struggle through for a few hours until we find a sometimes not-so-intuitive solution. The amout of work done compared to the actual output in terms of code may be greatly disproportionate, but thankfully due to fellow engineers who take the time to provide posts, code snippets, and solutions to the problems we encounter, we can sometimes circumvent those times of struggle because he or she took maybe even as little as five minutes to provide the information we needed.

After a couple of days of particularly time-consuming roadblocks, I came up with a new idea for “micro-posting” on an almost daily basis solutions to problems I run into along the coding path. I’m calling it “10 Minutes of Code”, and my desire is for it to not only continue to provide useful information to other devs, but also encourage me to write more due to the relatively smaller amount of work compared to larger blog posts. I may encounter an interesting tidbit of info or a simple but no-so-straightforward solution to a programming problem but couldn’t justify stretching it out into a lengthy article here.

Therefore, going forward I will be posting much smaller posts on a much more frequent basis using this new format while still occasionally adding a full blog post on various topics. You can find the link for this topic in the header to this page, and each micro-post will be prefixed with the “10 Minutes of Code” title for clarification.

As always I will continue to look forward to feedback and lively discussion on these topics, so please don’t be shy in letting me know if there’s anything I can improve on or if these posts are helping, and I look forward to taking this new journey with you!