Refactoring a Twitter-style Text Counter in Android

A few weeks ago I posted this article about creating a user input text counter in Android. I got some great feedback on refactoring improvements, and I ended up changing so much that I felt like it needed its own blog post. I could re-write the original article, but I... Read more »

Improving the Model Layer in Angular 1

AngularJS is defined as both an MVC (Model-View-Controller) and an MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) framework, depending on how you want to define it or how you want to use it. Two of those concepts are pretty spelled out, the view being what the user sees in the browser, and the controller obviously... Read more »

Creating a User Input Text Counter in Android

NOTE: I’ve refactored this walkthrough in a subsequent blog post here A little while back I attended an Android bootcamp in which we built a handful of apps as we learned. One of the apps we were tasked with building was a Twitter app, and one of the features I... Read more »

Optimizing Change Detection in Angular 2 By Example

One of the things Angular boasts about is the ability to have automatic change detection by default, meaning that when an object or object property is changed at runtime, the change will be reflected in the view without having to explicity set up any manual mechanism for doing so. In... Read more »