I am a software engineer in Silicon Valley with almost a decade of experience in web and mobile development. I have a diverse background as a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer, front-end AngularJS, and iOS developer in multiple capacities and roles, as well as a team lead and manager.

On the mobile side of things, I’ve attend both the iOS For Engineers and the Android For Engineers bootcamps through Codepath.

I really enjoy helping others and try to dedicate myself to “paying back” those who have helped me develop my career by building the skills of others as a mentor and teacher.

As a part of that mentoring and teaching, I help others with their code on Codementor and have taught multiple classes on the platform for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Additionally, I always try to contribute to many open source projects and continue building my skills to in turn help others as the development landscape changes.




Open Source Contributions

You can find my other work and projects on my GitHub.